We believe the objective of automation is to increase productivity and reduce costs of our client's processes.  We work with technical solutions, simple, and reliable to get the best performance.  Solving technical problems for our clients is the secret to our success.

Processes and Systems

We complete all types of automation processes from simple projects to large automation stations.

Thanks to the experience we have acquired over the years we use our expertise in many sectors: General Industry, automotive, plastic injection, sheet metal, food and pharmaceutical, and many others.

Robotic Stations

We utilize the newest technology for our automation projects.  We have the knowledge to integrate robots into our automation and are specialists on robot EOAT.

Electric Design

We have at your disposal our technical office and our team of programmers to offer you the following services:

  • Design and development of custom projects.
  • Preparation of wiring diagrams.
  • Installation of electrical cabinets and control keypads.
  • Programming control equipment (PLCs, operator terminals, SCADA, VFD, …
  • Integration into ERP management systems.


Systems of Artificial Vision

In a highly competitive industrial world it is important to utilize all the technology available to control the processes.

We work with various types of vision systems to accomplish tasks such as part presence/absence, pick & place, position control, inspection, and metrology.

We use our experience to fit the correct system into your processes.