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Application sectors

We complete all types of automation processes from simple projects to large automation stations.

Thanks to the experience we have acquired over the years we use our expertise in many sectors: food, textile, medical and automation.

Medical Sector
Medical Sector
Textil Sector
Textil Sector
Food Sector
Food Sector
Automotive Sector
Automotive Sector

Robotic Stations



We believe that the optimization of processes goes through the adoption of modern technologies, in order to achieve the implementation of autonomous stations.

That's why we take care of covering all the points related to this aspect: we carry out the programming of all types of robots, their installation, the perimeter and the tools of work among others.

Systems of Artificial Vision



In a highly competitive industrial world it is important to utilize all the technology available to control the processes.

We work with various types of vision systems to accomplish tasks such as part presence/absence, pick & place, position control, inspection, and metrology.

We use our experience to fit the correct system into your processes.

Special Machinery Design

We design fasteners adapted to any product with all the rigor and precision that is required. It is not always easy to find a machine that fits perfectly.

We seek the maximum compromise between requirements and costs, assuring our clients the greatest degree of adaptability of their production process.

In the integrating in-line assemblies of the different stations, automatic or semi-automatic, it is the most important and in most cases it is the factor that determines the success of the set.

We can design a specific station to adapt to any displacement system or create a set of displacement system with its work palettes and different specific stations.

Electric Design


We have at our disposal our technical office and our team of programmers to offer the following services:

Design and development of custom projects.
Elaboration of electrical diagrams.
Mounting of electrical cabinets and control buttons.
Programming of control equipment (PLC, operator terminals, SCADAs, frequency variators ...)
Integration in ERP management systems.

Fulfilled projects

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