Mitec S.A.T.

Technical assistance service


The S.A.T division of Mitec Enginy offers to its customers technical assistance service in mechanical, electrical, and programming of automation.  We have a high professional qualifications and proven experience.

With close and direct contacts with our customers we form a relationship of constant collaboration to maintain and improve production systems

The customer service adapts to the needs of each client and their productions system.

Telephone, on-line or in person we solve issues urgently and help keep the customers' machine in perfect condition to avoid unwanted stops and downtime.

We carry out preventative maintenance check lists that assure the proper maintenance of the automation and look for items that need improved.

The technical support team is also responsible for supplying the necessary spare parts for each machine, storing in our facilities everything the customer requires to avoid long-term shutdowns due to the supply of the parts and thus be able to act with maximum speed.

We have the latest improvements and the most developed technologies that allow us to extend the useful life and extract the maximum performance from the equipment.