As a result of the development of machinery for work related to the formation, deformation and welding of wire, MITEC ENGINEER has been acquiring extensive knowledge in this field supported by companies in the area. We have developed machinery for wire warping, spring forming and part welding.

Turnkey projects

We design and build turnkey projects to the customer's specifications, both for a specific process and a complete solution (from the coil of wire to the output of the part or assembly). These projects can be specific machinery for the manufacture of different shapes or the manufacture of docks.

Within a complete project we are able to integrate different processes related to wire work such as:

  • Unwinding (automatic)
  • Feeding and preparation of the wire
  • Tall
  • Formation and deformation of parts
  • Welding
  • Assembly to final piece

To give the best solution to these processes, elements of leading brands related to the world of wire are integrated, such as winders, guidance and feeding systems, welding equipment, etc.

Example success story

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