With over 16 years of experience developing projects in many sectors we have the ability to develop automation for your specific need. 

We develop solutions from complex automation to hand tools adapted to special applications.

We start with the development of the project, design, manufacturer, install, and start-up at the customer's facility.

Special Machine Design

Manipulation all kinds of product: We studied the process, find the best solution and adapt to your requirements. We have extensive experience developing EOAT for robot applications.

Special grippers: Design clamping elements that adapt to any product with all the rigor and precision that is required.

Presses: In the industry there are countless presses for various applications, but in many cases it requires an adaptation to conform to client requirements. We are specialized in special presses for every setting and adaptations to stamping and forming.

Robotics - We have vast experience utilizing robots in automation for many processes.  We are very skilled at integrating vision systems with robotics to accomplish complex tasks.

Special applications: Not always easy to find a machine that suits perfectly. We seek the best compromise between the requirements and costs, ensuring our customers the best degree of adaptation to their production processes.

Assembly Zones

Conveyor bands: Products can be moved with many systems: rollers, belts, chains … We study the problem and present the best options. (Own designs depending on application)

Specific stations: With the differences in processes its important to integrate different station for the best solution.  Whether automatic or semiautomatic there are factors that determine the success of the process. We can design specific workstations to adapt to the process.

How to save time? Moving assembly. If the components are moved from the warehouse to the manufacturing area and then return to this as the final product … Why not manufacture  part of the final product  during the move? Even better.. before they move.  For example; automating the assembly of a plastic part directly from the injection molding machine.

Autonomous Cells

Packing Automation: Propose the best option, integrated into the existing system (Own designs depending on the application).

Box fit systems: Design embedded system according to the needs of the product through specific handlers, utilizing gravity, etc.

Labeled integration:  We adapt to the best option to traditional suppliers (Own designs depending on the application).

Palletizing Systems: We offer the best options integrating to the workplace, with automatic pallet feeder, integrated cooling system, etc.. (Own designs depending on the application).

New Products

Project Viability: In most cases it is very important to evaluate the total cost of the project. We can looking for suppliers, evaluate potential investments, create an estimate of the cost for development and planning.

R+D: Starting with a simple initial idea, we investigate the best way to build your product, doing different prototypes to get the best results , working together to develop the new product with all the guarantees of success.

Industrialization: Often people forget the importance of a correct industrialization where collaboration with different suppliers is essential, helping them in their processes and thus achieve a significant reduction in coststhat in the end directly affect the final cost of product.

Suppliers research: It is not always easy to find the right provider. We study the different  providers to find  the best value and the most possibilities to integration of new processes in the future.