Production Process

  • We help you define and optimize any process, assembly, machining, polymer injection and mechanical processes.


  • Informatic applications relate to production:  We define and follow specific production programs such as process control, time control, planning, measuring real-time status, instructions for assembly and manufacturing, as well as movement of materials, bar coding, labeling, and other electronic systems to meet the customer's requirements.


  • Maintenance planning: We study the production cycle, interruptions, evaluate risks, and establish an effective maintenance plan by integrating documentation of control points, predictive maintenance schedule, and documentation of corrections.  We also can do the necessary training for the proper use and maintenance on your processes and equipment.

CE Machine Certificate



Current legislation obliges us to have the correct safety documentation on all machines.  Weather its purchased components or second hand machinery, we prepare all the necessary documentation for all types of machinery in our automation.

Manuals / Handbooks

We have found that most of the time there are not the proper handbooks or manuals for the process.  Typically this is due to the age of the machines or modifications made later. 


We update manuals or create new manuals describing all the necessary information to aid personal in the operation and maintenance of the machinery.

Technical assistance service

The S.A.T. de Mitec Enginy offers its customers a technical assistance service in industrial mechanics, electrical and programming, with a high professional qualification and a proven experience.

With a closer and more direct treatment with their clients, we form a constant and always evolving collaboration relationship to improve production systems and their incidents.

The customer service adapts according to the needs of each client and their production system.


Personal technical assistance

Telephone, on-line, or in person, we solve doubts, urgencies and help to keep the machines of the clients in perfect condition, avoiding unproductive stops.

Technical reviews

We carry out check-lists of preventive maintenance that ensure a constant to the productive systems as well as we act in corrective incidents.

Improvements and technologies

We have the latest improvements and the most developed technologies, which allow to extend the useful life and extract the maximum performance of the equipment.

Spare parts

The technical support team is also responsible for supplying the necessary spare parts for each machine, storing in our facilities everything that the customer requires to avoid long-term shutdowns and thus be able to act as quickly as possible.

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