We have extensive experience conducting studies of production processes, workflows, project feasibility, ergonomic, and time studies.  We help our clients find the right sized automation for their application, seeking the best compromise between investment and results.

Consulting Service

We provide consulting services for process and technical systems, computer applications, maintenance, and safety regulations.

Our goal is to analyze the current conditions and make recommendations to achieve the best solution for our clients.

Production Process

We help you define and optimize any process, assembly, machining, polymer injection and mechanical processes.

Informatic applications relate to production:  We define and follow specific production programs such as process control, time control, planning, measuring real-time status, instructions for assembly and manufacturing, as well as movement of materials, bar coding, labeling, and other electronic systems to meet the customer's requirements.

Maintenance Planning: We study the production cycle, interruptions, evaluate risks, and establish an effective maintenance plan by integrating documentation of control points, predictive maintenance schedule, and documentation of corrections.  We also can do the necessary training for the proper use and maintenance on your processes and equipment.

Project Viability

It is very important to evaluate to the total cost of the project.

We evaluate your investments, evaluate suppliers, and balance the cost against the potential gains.

In many cases, people forget the importance of the correct balance between the current processes, automation, and the different suppliers to the process.  Helping suppliers in their process to secure cost reductions directly affects the final production costs.


Starting with a simple initial idea, we investigate the best way to build your product by build your product by producing different prototypes to get the best results, working together to develop the new product with all the guarantees of success.